Art Tutors:

Ekaterina Sivukha, Tutor of Creative Art

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Nationality: Russian

Hello! My name is Ekaterina. Since childhood, I have been engaged in creativity. In elementary school, I was a member of a modelling club. Also, I successfully organized and performed in the puppet theatre. I graduated from the University of Arts and Design, and I acquired the speciality of Environment Designer (interiors and exteriors). Throughout my entire adult life, I have been engaged in needlework, trying different techniques from decoupage, quilling, scrapbooking to modelling from polymer clay. Now  I realized I have so much creative energy inside me that I can share it with other people, especially with children, revealing their talents.

Perfection has no limits.

Lidia Fedorova, Tutor of Creative Art


Nationality: Russian

Hello! My name is Lida, and I teach creative art at the Kids Talents Club MareLucci. For many years, I was teaching art at a private Russian school. Working with children, I realized that the main thing in my work is respect for the artistic vision of each child. I like to learn from children myself, to find something unique in the work of each of them, and to teach them to appreciate their individuality. At our Classes, we use various techniques and tactics, try to create with all available materials and understand how diverse art can be! Due to this, each Student finds what is close to him.

Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see. (Paul Klee)

Olga Anankina, Tutor of Creative Art / Graphic Design


Nationality: Russian

Hello! My name is Olga. I teach creative art and graphic design at the Kids Talents Club MareLucci. I was born in Siberia, but now I live and work in Montenegro. I have been teaching children for many years. At our Classes, we play, joke, fantasize, and stylize. I try to explain the basic laws while each child decides what the final work will look like. Thus, all drawings come out individual and unique. My goal is to teach my Students to draw clearly so that anyone could understand what the author wanted to say.

Any line (especially, if it is a curve) can create an unusual idea. Trust your hand!

Christina Kuznetsova, Tutor of Vocal / Piano


Nationality: Russian

Good day! My name is Christina. I am a vocal and piano Tutor at the Kids Talents Club MareLucci. From the age of 6, I have been professionally engaged in music. I have honors from a music school and a music college in Tsymbal (Belarusian instrument). I have won in numerous music competitions and received awards. I have extensive experience in teaching children of different ages, including Sunday School students, nuns and seminarians. I love diligence in music, I respect all interests and I believe the more versatile a person is – the more interesting they are. Good luck in developing your talents!

Great talent requires great diligence. (Petr Tchaikovsky)

Language Tutors:

Veronika Scherbakova, Tutor of English / Creative Art

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Nationality: Russian

Hello! My name is Veronica, I teach English and art at MareLucci. I graduated from the Faculty of Journalism. I love to travel and know for myself that with the knowledge of English it will be easy and comfortable to communicate with the locals, learn the culture and get more pleasure and impressions in almost any country in the world! During my studies, I have lived in America, Wisconsin. It was an unforgettable experience! In addition to teaching languages, I am growing in the field of design: I have studied in an art studio, I write about modern trends in the interior, and this year, together with my graduates of an architectural university in my native town Yekaterinburg, I published a fashion magazine. Let’s enjoy creating and learning together!

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, I’m possible! (Audrey

Lidia Hudobchenok, English Tutor


Nationality: Russian

Hello everyone! My name is Lida. I am from Belarus, but now I live in Montenegro. I love to joke and I love children very much. My friends call me the “atmosphere person”. I do everything possible so that the children in my Class speak English easily and with pleasure. During our Classes, we listen to audios, watch videos, talk, play and do many interesting tasks, discuss, study grammar, solve tests, and use the hobbies of my young Students to learn English.

I find the best way to love someone is not to change them, but instead, help them reveal the greatest version of themselves.

Stefano Sciandra, English / Italian / Russian / French Tutor


Nationality: Italian / Russian

Ciao! My name is Stefano, and I am very happy to be part of the international team MareLucci. I was born in Italy in the Russian-French-Italian family. I lived in Hong Kong, the UAE, and Russia. Now I live in Milan. I study pharmacology and plan to spend the next couple of years in Singapore, London, and Moscow. I am proud to have studied in a very unusual school where I learned Greek and Latin: these two languages ​​are very complex, but they gave me the opportunity to understand how the language works and provided me with all the necessary skills to quickly learn other languages. I am looking forward to becoming your Tutor! You will not regret your choice.

Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.

Larisa Severtseva, Italian Tutor


Nationality: Russian

Ciao a tutti! My name is Larisa. For the past 6 years I have lived in one of the most beautiful countries in the world – Italy. All my life I was fascinated by foreign languages ​​and travel. When I first came to Italy, I just could not help falling in love with this country and culture, and I realized that I wanted to stay here. That is why at the university I chose Italian language as my specialty. Teaching is my passion, and I do everything possible so that each Class is interesting and fruitful for my Students. After my Classes you will be completely prepared for a meeting with this wonderful sunny country. Your Italian skills, no doubt, will help you win the love and respect of Italians.

I will help you with learning grammar and developing listening skills. I will fine-tune your pronunciation, as well as teach you correct spelling and punctuation. I offer you effective Italian courses, regardless of your current level. I have a clear working teaching methodology based on the most important aspect in learning the language – practice. With my help, you will overcome the language barrier, which so often prevents Students from starting to speak a foreign language. Practicing every day, you will be able to achieve any goals in record time! A presto, cari Amici!

La semplicità è la forma della vera grandezza.

Arina Kotova, Italian Tutor


Nationality: Russian

Ciao! My name is Arina. I was born and raised in Siberia, but this did not stop me from visiting and falling in love with one of the most beautiful countries with an insanely beautiful language – Italy. Now I am in my homeland, but I soon plan to return to the city, where all roads lead – Rome. In my travels, I always try to get as much information as possible: new phrases, words, dialects and imbue myself with the culture and spirit of sunny Italy. I am happy to share all my knowledge with you! I conduct my Classes in the most accessible, interesting, and easy form, which is understandable even to people who have never studied foreign languages ​​in their lives. The only mandatory requirement is your interest and motivation! See you at my Classes!

Fin alla bara sempre se n’impara.

Matthew Farag, English Tutor

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Nationality: American

Hi! My name is Matt. I was born and raised in Chicago, and I still live here. Since my childhood I wanted to be a teacher. Since English is the international language number one, I believe I should share it with those who want to learn it. MareLucci gave me such an opportunity. I will help you start speaking in my native language and remove the language barrier. See you at my Class!

Learning a new language is learning a new culture.

Daria Kuzina, English Tutor


Nationality: Russian

Hello! My name is Daria – as the main character of the popular cartoon “Dora the Explorer”. The fact is that I love traveling. I have already seen a lot: lived in Australia, New Zealand, traveled to Asia, and now I live in Italy. But it’s not just about moving to other places, but also about learning. New languages, cultures, people. I am here in the MareLucci team to help you start speaking English. Let’s talk!

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

Dmitry Yaroschenko, Spanish Tutor


Nationality: Ukrainian

Hola! My name is Dima. Once I visited Spain as a tourist. I was so hooked on this country, its customs, culture, and language that I decided for myself that I want to stay here forever. Staying in the country for a long time and dealing with local people, I realized  that I could share my experience with others. I believe that it is very important to start learning a new language correctly and structurally in all directions, however, the guarantee of overall success is practice. That is why, in my Classes, I always try to give the Student maximal speaking practice and make them feel like a real Spaniard.

Las excusas no obtienen resultado.

Anastasia Shageeva, Spanish Tutor


Nationality: Russian

¡Hola a tod@s! My name is Nastya. I live and work in sunny Spain for the fourth year already. In Russia, I worked as an economist and financial manager. Once I decided to fulfill my dream and went to study in the south of Spain. I teach Spanish and Russian languages on Skype. In our Classes, we learn grammar, solve tests, listen to audios, watch videos, talk, and discuss interesting moments of Spanish life and habits of these positive people. If you have a desire to start learning the melodic Spanish language, it would be my pleasure to help you! 🙂 Adiós!

No hay nada más peligroso que no arriesgarse.

Valentina Silvestrini, Italian Tutor

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Nationality: Russian

Buongiorno! My name is Valentina. I live in Rimini, on the sea. I live in Italy since 1991. I work as a tourist attendant, as well as in a translation agency. Teaching the Italian language is a pleasure! I offer my method with lectures based on dialogue, to improve your pronunciation and fluency of the Italian language. Topics of the Classes and dialogues will be selected together with you, depending on your personal goals and interests. While speaking, you will learn Italian without even noticing it. Sei pronto?

Il mondo si divide in due categorie: chi ama l’italia e chi ancora non l’ha visitata.

Annet Toriser, Italian Tutor


Nationality: Russian

Buongiorno a tutti! My name is Annette. I am an Italian Tutor at the Kids Talents Club MareLucci. My teaching experience is 5 years. I am also a translator. For the past 5 years, I have lived in Italy with my big family. I have my own teaching methodology. I promise that my Classes will be interesting, diverse, and intensively aimed at ensuring that you overcome the language barrier in a short time and start speaking Italian like a native.

Non importa se vai avanti piano, l’importante è che non ti fermi.

Sports Coaches:

Marina Chinenkova, Gymnastics / Rhythmics / Fitness Coach

Nationality: Russian

Hello! My name is Marina. I am a rhythmic gymnastics coach with six years of experience working with children of preschool and school age. I am a graduate of UNN. Lobachevsky, and also NIRO under the program of preparation of sportsmen. I regularly undergo advanced training in two areas: sports and cultural. Also, I organize sports competitions and tournaments in the Russian Federation and abroad. I am waiting for you in my Class! Time to conquer the mountains!!!