Make Monaco Great Again

I am a global citizen. I have been to most European countries and enjoyed each of them in their own way, but never wanted to stay there forever. The first time I went to Monaco was a beautiful summer day in June 2019, just after my birthday. Since then, I have fallen in love with … Continue reading Make Monaco Great Again

The #1 Woman’s Role

My grandmother is a professional doctor. Yet, the largest part of her practice has taken place at our home. She has always told me that tender Love, attention, and sincere care of a woman can melt ANY man’s heart, even the one that is in sorrow, anger, or pain. The truth is, it can! I … Continue reading The #1 Woman’s Role

Does an Unborn Child Have a Right to Live?

Did you know that abortion was proven to be murder? Watch to find out more

Why Russian Daughters Don’t Have Fathers

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If your child is on Facebook, you need to know THIS

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