Latest World News: March 7

  1. Google confirmed that it is allowing Pentagon to use some of its image recognition technologies ‘to analyse drone videos’. Will this affect US military? Probably, yes. Don’t forget, Google’s former chairman Eric Schmidt became an advisor to the Pentagon in 2016…
  2. Coca-Cola plans to produce the first alcoholic drink in company’s history called Chu-Hi. It will be produced in Japan.
  3. Italian footballer Mario Balotelli attacked the country’s first black senator Toni Iwobi in an online post. Racism? Well, considering the fact that Balotelli is also black…
  4. Murdered Archbishop Óscar Romero will be declared a saint. Romero was killed in 1980 while he was celebrating Mass in El Salvador.
  5. Mississippi lawmakers approve earliest US abortion ban. If the bill is signed into law, abortions after 15 weeks would be illegal. Should an unborn child be protected?

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